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Fun game, definitely need to think carefully. Jumping could be improved a little bit more (more sensitive) otherwise its very fun. Cant wait to see some of the updates. Possible locking the levels so you have to complete them in order, that would make it so you can't just skip to the last one, otherwise fun, enjoyable and can't wait for more! Would recommend.  

Yo, Just finished playing through, the last 2 levels jump up in difficulty pretty quick eh UwU. IMO the atmosphere carries the feel of the game pretty well, i can tell you put alot of time into it. But I dont really know how to describe it, but the platforming is fine till you introduced the platforms in level 4, i had to replay that level like 25 times till i could pass it, something just feels off about the jumping. But i Really dig the lighting and the feel of the game! Gratz brudda.

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The small room in level 4 is pretty dark so its very difficult to do platforming in there, considering the falling floors do not respawn and the fact that the jumping controls are very imprecise, makes it almost impossible to complete, please improve this. Otherwise, really nice and atmospheric!


Thank you for the feed back! I am currently working on an update which includes fixing the lighting in level 4.